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A lighting retrofit is usually one of the most cost effective ways for clients to reduce energy use. The improvements in LED fixture technology combined with advanced controls now allows for even more savings, with the added benefits of scheduling and knowledge of energy use similar to other building systems.

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With such huge amounts of energy consumed by HVAC and mechanical support systems, there are many opportunities to implement efficiency solutions that result in significant savings. Fairbanks Energy engineers can develop and implement cost effective solutions.

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Building Management Systems have evolved since their inception into an essential component of managing a building's energy use. Encompassing all of the various systems in a facility including HVAC, mechanical, security and lighting, the BMS can be a powerful tool for facility personnel if used properly.

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Many Utility programs offer enhanced incentives for comprehensive treatment of a facility that would include development and "bundling" of multiple efficiency measures to be implemented concurrently. Fairbanks Energy Services has the skill set required to address all the energy using systems in a facility, develop appropriate cost effective efficiency solutions and qualify the efficiency solutions for the higher comprehensive incentive.

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Understanding the various power systems in the data center, information down to the branch circuit level can be integrated into the central control system to provide data center operators with a real-time Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) metric, allowing them to see how efficient their data center really is and continue to take steps to improve it.

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Energy conservation projects have always had benefits beyond energy reduction and financial savings. Fairbanks Energy Services has continually incorporated new sensors and technology into projects to enable greater knowledge of, and control over, the environment of large commercial and industrial buildings. These new technologies are part of the greater trend of the Internet of Things.

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Fairbanks Energy Services has the experience and knowledge to arrange financing of efficiency projects that will meet client requirements. As part of every efficiency project development, FES will qualify efficiency measures for the highest level of utility incentives and then accept the utility incentive as partial direct payment from the Utility.

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