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Hospitals & Biotechnology

The engineers at Fairbanks Energy Services have provided turnkey efficiency solutions in hospitals and biotechnology facilities for over 20 years. We are experienced at working in these sensitive high energy facilities to develop and implement efficiency measures that create real savings while maintaining code compliance and integrity operation. Our solutions include chiller plant retrofits, controls upgrades, HVAC modifications, steam system improvements and data center airflow management - with utility incentives typically covering 40-50% of the cost.


Implementing energy conservation solutions in higher education institutions will reduce their overall carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and promote a sustainable future in surrounding communities. Solutions that FES will install where appropriate include efficient LED lighting, HVAC controls that schedule the use of energy based on occupancy in classrooms, sport facilities, office space, and dining halls, and improvements to chilled water and steam systems. Many times our HVAC projects not only save energy but also correct system deficiencies and result in improved space conditioning.

Retail & Grocery

Our staff, which includes P.E., C.E.M. and LEED A.P. engineers, has experience in 15+ leading supermarket, grocery, food distribution and national retail chains, and we have saved over 60,000,000 kWh for these clients. FES's turnkey approach incorporates all applicable utility incentives and tax rebates, whether it's for lighting and lighting controls, HVAC system retrofits, motors, drives, or pump retrofits with the latest motor technologies, or building controls and energy management systems.


Manufacturing accounts for 85% of industrial energy use. With our experienced team of engineers at Fairbanks Energy, we can pinpoint where energy is being wasted during the manufacturing process, and improve the overall efficiency. Optimizing the efficiency of existing systems will result in significant energy and cost savings as well as reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Property Management

At Fairbanks Energy, we work with property management and their tenants to come up with systems that improve the existing environment and will suit both parties' needs. After analyzing the current lighting and mechanical systems in a particular facility, we can quickly identify the most cost effective ways to remediate the various problems found. In many cases the existing systems can be augmented by integrating the latest technology to bring it up to modern standards. The multiple efficiency opportunities include HVAC motor retrofits, implementing new or upgrading existing building controls, LED lighting and controls, more efficient heating, cooling and HVAC filters, smart room controls, and water saving devices.

Data Centers

Fairbanks Energy Services has deep experience designing and installing solutions in facilities throughout the country. Our team has developed and installed hundreds of projects, many of which have qualified for utility incentives, in both raised and slab floor data centers. FES installs intelligent controls to connect all of the HVAC equipment to a central system that also monitors the racks of IT equipment via temperature sensors. This monitoring combined with rack airflow best practices such as containment and active air management can dramatically reduce the amount of cooling to within 10-20% of the nominal amount needed. These solutions give data center managers peace of mind by providing automated control of airflow and temperature while insuring the cooling is optimized.